Marumba Christian School


... a community school located in the village of Marumba which is three kilometres from the town of Rukungiri in Western Uganda. The school has been established to help less privileged children attain a better quality of education and to be imparted with spiritual values. The idea to establish a Christian school started on 30th June, 2011. This is the vision of three men, Reuben Tumuheirwe, Justus Matsiko and James Muhabuzi who have a heart of compassion for disadvantaged children, especially those from rural areas.

Many of people cannot afford better education such as offered by private schools in Uganda and neighbouring countries such as Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The private schools which offer better and expensive education are mostly found in urban areas where rural children cannot access them due to extreme poverty and orphanhood caused by HIV/AIDS and malaria.

This school hopes to meet the needs of the people in this area providing them with an opportunity to gain a good education, a chance to move out from poverty and to have a brighter hope for the future.


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